ASC will place the best qualified contact center staff at all levels of contact center operations and management.  ASC is ready to deliver specialized skills required in call centers to cover the entire spectrum of technology, subject matter expertise and operations.  Staffing with skilled and experienced personnel is the focus of our search.

ASC provides professional consulting services covering the entire spectrum of call contact center operations. This includes:

      1. Staffing – Subject Matter Experts and Agents (CSRs)
      2. IVR / ACD Scripting
      3. Intelligent Call routing and CTI
      4. Workforce Management, Forecasting and Operations
      5. Recording and retrieval of Voice and Data
      6. QA Monitoring, Calibration
      7. Chat, email, social media
      8. VoIP Integration of Voice/Data
      9. Inbound / Outbound Voice and Data
      10. Document Conversion: Paper-To-Digital
      11. Web Integration

Call on our experts to augment your staffing and operations service requirements.