Among the most tried and tested technologies for cost reduction in the call center service area is interactive voice response (IVR) IVR applications have proven to be extremely cost effective when implemented properly. Current IVR technology includes speech recognition and inbound as well as outbound applications.
The telephone continues to reign as the most often used device to obtain information. Simply by picking using the phone and dialing a given number, a wide variety of information can be obtained and delivered without having to talk to a human.
This technology, commonly referred to as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) has matured to a degree where a bewildering variety of information can be obtained quickly, reliably and securely.
A well-designed Interactive Voice Response System can not only save time for persons seeking information, it also saves money for companies providing the information by having an automated system (IVR) provide information without human intervention.
ASC has a wealth of experience designing and deploying efficient and well-designed IVR systems in a variety of industries and applications. ASC has experienced engineers to assist in defining a winning strategy and design for deploying IVR systems.